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Welcome to 420 Meds

We provide medical marijuana information and links from our extensive research of marihuana and hemp related web sites.

From our site, a patient can find a physician to make an evaluation and then, if appropriate, provide a medical recommendation.
Next, the patient can return to our site to locate a dispensary in their area so they can get their medication from a reputable business.
If necessary, and we sincerely hope it is not, a patient can also locate a legal professional to ask questions of or request assistance from.

On 420Meds.com a Patient can review the California State Laws and any updates as they happen
in addition to learning the latest breaking news that can effect them as patients.

Patients can also find Hemp and Pro-Medical Marijuana related clothing, hats and accessories
as well as purchase music to medicate, meditate and relax with. 

We do what the others refuse to do....

Provide 100% FREE information about the guidelines created by Proposition 215, further defined by Senate Bill 420
and then codified in the California Health and Safety Code 11362.5, et seq.

- AND -

Provide a Low-Cost & Effective Means of Advertisement




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We Provide the Compassion that the Others Leave Behind

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